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Coffee drinking lifestyle in china

Based on research data, the number of the coffee shop and coffee drinking lifestyle in China has doubled from 15,000 to 31,000 during the 2007-2012 period. So even with one of the international coffee chain already has branches throughout the world, currently has about a thousand outlets in China and is targeting 1500 outlets in 2015. It is a bit surprising, as we know, China is known their high consumption of tea drinking.

For the China citizens, Tea drinking has become a ritual, tea culture known since 3,000 BC. The goal is to get the freshness of the body during meditation which takes hours so tea drinking makes them eager and do not feel sleepy.

Tea has a uniquely formed phenomenon. Society makes tea brewing and tasting as art. For them, drinking tea make a brotherhood, symbol of apology, respect and also relaxation. Because when brewing tea and then enjoy it with relaxation is the time which the conversation begun from mild to severe implemented.


According to Morgan Stanley research, China's current population is 1980 births or over. This makes China's mostly young people which want to always follow the development of the times. coffee drinking lifestyle in China is a reflection of the developed countries symbol, friendship and  relationships is an important value in China. This development is a major driver of increasing the meet and relax phenomenon at the coffee shops. A new lifestyle of Chinese urban communities.

With the coffee culture popularity increase, the import of coffee beans needs to increase also. Lately, coffee import market in China is increasing, there is a local and nonlocal importer which exporting coffee to China. Also with local production of coffee beans in Yunnan area. Farmers in Yunnan perform intensive agriculture on coffee because of the great demand from the market.

Besides the retail coffee shop, there is enough coffee shop that sells single-origin especially in the city of Shanghai. Some coffee shop, have also been aware the importance of developing local coffee quality (Yunnan). Moreover, it was suggested to drink coffee without sugar.

Widespread coffee shop and growing coffee drinkers in China does not mean eliminating the tea drinking culture. However, tea is now more often done for celebration. Such as New Year or Spring Festival, a number of state institutions often held a tea party.With the increase of coffee drinking lifestyle in China continuously, the coffee exporting countries will compete more closely in their coffees export.


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