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Handy coffee grinder for your home use

Coffee consumption needs are increasing, especially in urban areas so we need the handy grinder for your home use. Coffee has become a very selling commodity. No wonder, a lot of coffee shop growing with a variety of styles. Consumption that has increase also brought up into the house. means the coffee lovers already have the equipment for making coffee and enjoy it on the terrace or on the balcony of the house.

To produce delicious coffee, we must pay attention to the process before enjoying a coffee. Starting from the grind of coffee, poured into the French press to end up in our throat. The process after roasting green beans into the coffee bean is a grinding. processing the coffee beans into coffee powder is an important process. This process affects the quality of the coffee we drink. Therefore, we must pay attention to this grinding process.

A coffee grinder is one of the initial entrance to enter the coffee world. Various coffee brewing tools and techniques depend on the grinding process. The level of roughness or fineness of the coffee powder depending on the grinder that we use. Therefore, grinder becomes important reason to make a delicious coffee.

When we want to brew coffee, it is recommended that we do the grinding process on our own. Because if we do not grind the coffee before brewing, we will never feel the tastes that will appear from the coffee beans.

This is because the flavor is concentrated in a stable and aromatic coffee beans that can be felt when grinded. When we make coffee, we dissolve little solids nut in water. By crushing the beans into small pieces, will produce better coffee drink and a great opportunity to enjoy the taste of quality coffee.

This is the three home use handy grinder recommendation to grind the coffee at home!


Hario Skerton Coffee Grinder

This grinder has a mini size and easy to carry anywhere. The Hario Skerton grinder is an ideal size handy grinder that is suitable to carry when traveling or simply grind the coffee at home. In addition, the grinder is easy to use and to clean.


Hario Ceramic Slim's

Not much different from the Skerton, Hario Ceramic Slim's is just a different shape with his colleagues. Slender shape makes it easier to put anywhere, also it has a removable handle so it's not easy to break when in storage. Because this is ceramic coating makes the coffee powder not sticky and also easy to clean.


Hand Ground Coffee Grinder

Hand Ground Coffee Grinder is a collaboration between the coffee community and a company. coffee community design an ideal shape of the grinder, whereas the company finance it to manufacture this grinder. The result is 221 x 147 mm (8.7 x 5.8 in) glass and stainless steel prototypes. This grinder has a sleek design and a smaller curved in the middle. Glass top has room for about 100 g (3.5 oz) of coffee beans and has a glass cover to stop the seeds spread out during grinding.

By having the grinder, we can anytime and anywhere to enjoy grinding our own coffee which certainly better than drinking instant coffee. From the grinding process, we could smell the aroma of the coffee, but when pouring hot water the aroma that appears will be different. It's a special experience to enjoy the coffee. The issue of a handy grinder is not just to seek the roughness or fineness of the coffee powder, but a pleasure to interpret a process before drinking coffee.That is the point to having the handy grinder for your home use.


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