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Along with the growth of food & beverage businesses, particularly in this case coffee shop make a Coffee Barista became seizure of the businessman in the food and beverage world. Before going further, do you know what is Barista? Barista, probably nobody knows, and perhaps there is also unfamiliar in our ears. Barista is someone who determines the taste and enjoyment of artistic presentation in every coffee shop product. Barista in charge of making and serving espresso-based coffee to customers. the word "barista" is an Italian language meaning "barman", and worked as a barista is a respectable position. Barista position in the outlet as the spearhead for us to share the pleasure of a cup of coffee and the meaning of friendship.

And the espresso is not just a regular coffee because espresso is the climax and perfection of the coffee. To make a cup of espresso, a coffee barista required not only rely on an espresso machine ( NOT People behind the Machine ), as we know there is an espresso machine that is only just press the button then everything was finished, but more than that a Barista should be able to make adjustments on standard espresso and uniqueness of the customer. So do not be surprised if a barista is said to be a key position for the success of a coffee shop.

For Being a coffee barista, you should really like and engage directly with coffee. My friend told me to become a professional barista you have to start from zero and requires dedication and hard work to succeed. Required insight into the type of coffee beans as well as skills in using a set of tools Coffee Machines and accessories to produce the desired coffee character, for example, slightly acidic, level of medium bitterness and intense of aroma.



The good Coffee Barista is able to explain the various kinds of coffee flavors and can prove it through the coffee taste that he or she has made, for example, customers want to drink coffee predominant bitter or sour. Barista can make coffee as desired by combining the appropriate types of coffee, adjust the grinder settings to produce the appropriate refinement level of coffee powder, adjust the pressure on the tamping process and so on. Besides the ability to make coffee that will define the flavor, Barista also required sense of art, this is one of them applied in the Latte Art, painting images contained on the surface of the cappuccino foam or caffe latte. The more beautiful paintings, the higher appreciation. Besides Latte Art, there is also a technique of making Layer on a specific drink.


It is impossible to be achieved if the coffee barista is not equipped with knowledge about the coffee characteristic, espresso characteristic, flavor expertise, and high working experience. Preparing espresso shot involves a number of complex, detailed process, ranging from adjusting the grinder (coffee bean grinder) to determine its rugged or fine coffee ground, dosing, leveling, tamping to achieve a  standards espresso flow, the standards here are not we define as one shot as much as 25 ml for 20-30 seconds, but achieve the best spot of the coffee character. Best spot is the one that requires the complexity of a Barista.


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It was from the technical side, in addition, a barista must also be able to enjoy along with the customer and explain it as a form of technical expertise he has. A step further, eventually a Barista able to realize an enjoyable art performance of espresso in latte art form.

A barista job description is a little different from ordinary shop assistants. The thing that differentiates is a coffee barista is required to be a multi-tasked person. That is, barista not only serves as a waiter but also could be a cash register, can be house-keeping, it means caring for and cleaning items related to the household, such as plates, cups, and more. In addition, barista also expected to operate all the tools used. In fact, a barista can repair crashes or slightly damaged tool unless the equipment is really needed the help of technicians, of course.

In practice, a Barista job is not limited to preparing the coffee, but the barista can also make hot chocolate, tea, and other beverages. In the world of Barista itself there are also certain classes, Primo is the highest grade level in Barista. In addition to having high skills in preparing coffee, Primo also have more value in terms of service and performance.

coffee barista frothing milk


When preparing an espresso, a barista's basic goals should be to:
  • Create a dose of consistent mass every shot.
  • Choose the grind setting that will provide the desired flow resistance.
  • Distribute the dose evenly to provide uniform resistance to the water.
  • Tamp with enough pressure to eliminate void spaces within the coffee bed and to seal the surface of the bed.
  • Ensure the brewing water is of the desired temperature.
  • Complete all of these tasks efficiently.


If you have a chance and want to work related to coffee, you must know that coffee should be in the cup, and you have to really love coffee. It should also be tasting coffee every day to make sure it feels good for the customer. Because it's useless to make a coffee if you do not know about it. Be prepared to work very hard and spend most of your time around coffee. Never stop learning about coffee. In addition, the barista should love the process of changing the taste coffee to make it delicious. There is currently no school for a barista, not like being a chef that already exists school. Very difficult indeed to learn to become a coffee barista.

You can try to enter the barista competition. The important thing is not to win the prize, but to increase knowledge, add contacts, as well as add risk to the excitement, and it turns out that can make you win the competition. You can try to follow the local competition and then gradually to follow the international competition.


Not just a career in the store, but barista could widespread his career. For example, the coffee machine manufacturer now starts to listen to the barista. coffee processors are also looking for ways to be able to talk with the barista so that they know what is barista looking for. Had coffee machine manufacturer know, that the grinder tool make a barista headache, if it could be reduced, it might be more machines purchased by barista and coffee shop. If the coffee machine can reduced the noise, there would be coffee shops which provide the location for customers to talk and relax. Coffee Barista needs to convey its opinion to that coffee machine manufacturer. Roaster, farmer, and coffee plantations also need barista.

coffee barista coffee latte

Indeed, there was a time in the beginning, they do not need input from the barista. However, there will be a time when the coffee industry is more developed and they should be able to provide more and satisfy the customers' needs. That's where they needed the coffee experts, the barista. They would be needed by companies to provide input, to develop coffee, and so on. So, I think, would be a promising career as a barista and will continue to grow as long as the baristas could be professional and act like a professional. As the chefs and wine experts. However, unfortunately, until now there has been no school for training the coffee barista.

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To be honest, I'd never heard of a coffee barista before. It sounds like there's just as much demand for it as there is for a barista for alcoholic beverages. It makes sense, though, because there are so many flavors and mixtures of coffee these days and everyone has their own preferences. I'd imagine it's almost as diverse as people's sandwich tastes. Thanks for sharing information about coffee baristas.

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Wonderful blog, thank you for sharing these information about coffee and barista