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In this section, we talk about coffee acidity taste definition.There are several taste attributes - see 
guide to coffee cupping and coffee taste characteristics - that you should look for at every coffee origin. The attributes described into four terms: 1) aroma; 2) acidity; 3) body; and 4) flavor.


The coffee acidity taste definition is an attribute that is difficult to translate into the everyday language rather than some other attributes such as aroma, body, and flavor. Because when we mention the sour taste of coffee, maybe some of them will be directly frowned. The word acid for some people will make the oral cavity along with the teeth become sour because imagined sour taste that are less friendly. Acidity was not just sour, but a refreshing acidity sensation as in some fruits, such as lemons, apples, oranges, strawberries, mango, etc., which could make a cup of Arabica coffee feels more alive.

The coffee acidity taste definition is an important part of the quality of the best arabica coffee. Without good acidity, famous arabica coffee in the world - which mostly comes from Central America, South America, and also parts of Africa - was certain taste bland. Acidity in coffee arabica more noticeably rather than robusta coffee that have a strong body. Acidity in arabica coffee also depends on a few things that can support this more noticeable acidity or even


On Arabica coffee, the postharvest wet process will produce a clearer acidity than the Arabica coffee on a dry process. However, that post-harvest process still depends on the level of maturity profile when roasting a coffee (roast profile). Coffee with a light roast profile has acidity levels brighter than the darker roasted coffee or dark roast profile. In addition, the brewing method can also affect the acidity level.If we offer coffee with pour-over or drip method, acidity could be more obvious than deposition method (Immerse method), as well as on the french press.

Thus, the level of acidity in the arabica coffee is highly dependent on its treatment, as described above. If we hard to accept acidity taste as a part that should be there, maybe we should choose dark roast coffee or even robusta coffee which has a lower acidity level. Conversely, if the acidity is so meaningful to you do not hesitate to choose a light coffee roast our coffee as a favorite.

In studying to feel coffee acidity taste definition in arabica coffee, is to try to distinguish the taste of orange juice with water. this fresh sour taste will be in the area either side of the back of the tongue. If you want learn to feel the acidity which has a different intensity, do it with orange juice given extra water with different volumes. The more water added to the orange juice, the less acidity that can be felt.

More than that, to begin to differentiate the taste of this coffee acidity taste definition in some flavor, start by making four kinds of juice, lemon, oranges, apples, and grapes juice. On lemons and oranges, we could feel the acidity is clearer than on apples and grapes. Well, at this moment we can learn that the acidity in every cup of arabica coffee will have a highly varied sense, ranging from acidity that feels all over the mouth as in lemon, or a blend of acidity that is not too obtrusive but has a sweet taste that is swathed in the acidity taste like oranges, apples, or grapes.


Not only on the fruits we can feel the coffee acidity taste definition, but also on some products such as milk, yogurt, wine, sparkling water, etc. Acidity can be felt dry, many or full, fleeting or weak. Even acidity can make your coffee less good because you just feel sour on coffee, which is commonly called Ferment taste. Fermented taste is one of the taste faults on arabica coffee flavor test.Sour taste can be categorized as sour, but taste of this sour glance will look like acidity description above, and, therefore, required continuous training so that our tongues are trained to differentiate the level of acidity in coffee.

In studying acidity, we must be able to receive acidity as the good part of arabica coffee. Because at the time if we followed our heart desires who prefer coffee with a high intensity or a body like most people, then it is difficult to open our hearts to dare to feel the coffee acidity taste definition.

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