10 Tips for Making Good French Press Coffee

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French Press Coffee

Would you like to make better french press coffee every single time.Well follow our 10 easy tips today to help you learn how to make better french press coffee with every brew.

Tip number one, always start with fresh coffee beans make sure to check their expiration date order from a local roaster if possible or make sure to check out your subscription store to get some great coffee for your french press.

Tip number two, always grind your coffee beans right before you brew to ensure that you get the absolute best flavor out of your coffee.

Tip number three, always use the proper grind for your coffee beans. You will want to use a great grinder to grind your coffee such as a conical burr grinder. Don't use a grinder that has blades that you would usually used for grinding spices and things like that. You want to get a grind that is similar to coarse ground salt or even better bread crumbs.

Tip number four find your coffee to water ratio start with a baseline of about 7 grams of coffee, 24 ounces of water. Seven grams is equal to about 1 tablespoon just like this mixing spoon that I have right here. That's going to give you a great base line to start with.

After that you can adjust your coffee up or down depending on the flavor that you would like. If you want a fuller body flavor you can use more coffee. And if you like a little bit lighter flavor go ahead and use less coffee.

Tip Number five, use good quality water. Remember coffee is mostly water, don't use reverse osmosis or distilled water. Those minerals are important in getting the flavor of your coffee just right.

Tip number six, always use the right temperature water you're going to want to use. That's about 195 degrees - 205 degrees Fahrenheit and don't use boiling water. and you should have thermometer to be able to measure your water temperature. But If you do not have a thermometer, boil some water and then leave it sitting for about one to two minutes. It will be just the right temperature to give you a great brew.

And a bonus tip, if you would like to get less bitter coffee go ahead and use the lower temperature water. Use behind 95 degrees Fahrenheit and also lessen your brew time from about four minutes 23 minutes. And we will mention some more information about that in one of our next tips.

Tip number seven, pre-heat your french press and your mug for about one minute before brewing this is important because this will keep your coffee hotter longer and in our tests a preheated french press and mug will typically yield coffee that's going to be about 10 degrees hotter on average that means coffee that's going to be hotter longer and after all who likes warm coffee.

Tip number eight, brew for four minutes if you want a great cup of french press coffee. If you would like your coffee to be a little less bitter, brew for about three minutes but no less. And always do not brew for any more than five minutes.

Tip number nine,  don't let your coffee sit in your french press especially on a hot plate. This is just going to over 'extract the flavor and it's going to give you bitter coffee. That's just simply not going to taste good transfer your brewed coffee to a thermal carafe. So, that you can always make sure that you're able to enjoy all of your french press coffee, and you won't throw away as much at the same time.

And finally tip number ten, always clean your french press after each use. And you'll want to check out our article that will show you just how you can do that with fast and easy tips

Did we forget a french press tip that you think that we should know? make sure to tell us we always love to hear your french press tips. And of course make sure to share our top 10 french press tips with your French press coffee loving friends. They're going to love you even more with the tips that we give you here at coffeana.blogspot.com.

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