French press coffee instructions

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French press coffee instructions

French press coffee instructions - French press is not a new name in the coffee world. Its presence has been one of the coffee brew methods selection since a long time ago. To produce aromatic coffee and minimal dregs at once in a manual way sometimes takes quite a long time, but not with using this French Press methods.

French Press is a  brewing tool designed specifically to produce a delicious coffee in a quite short time. In addition, the technique is not too difficult and the price is relatively not too expensive for coffee maker tool is the main reason that made this French Press methods become one of the most popular methods throughout the world .Unlike another manual brewing tool ie filter paper or Able Kone, the french press is a tool that is alluring and timeless coffee brewing tool.

Due to the widespread of these tools in the world, there are many names given to these tools in each country. In Italy, this tool called Caffettiera a stantuffo. While in New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa this tool called coffee plunger. While in France this tool is called cafetière à piston, although many French people often refer to this tool with the popular brand name like Melior or Bodum. In the UK and the Netherlands, this tool called cafetière. French Press and the name itself comes from the United States and Canada were also named this tool Coffee Press.

Brew a coffee using french press potential to produce relatively thicker and stronger flavor than brewed with other methods.If you know how to use it, the coffee was brewed using a french press will provide 'characteristics' that is not less deliciously than other methods. Because this method does not use filter paper it makes french press produce more flavor with rich, creamy and slightly oily.

French press coffee instructions

However, Brew a coffee using french press also has the potential to make the taste of the coffee becomes bland. This usually happens due to lack of maximum extraction of a coffee due to a coffee ground that is too coarse, a short soaking time, or the water temperature is too low. Keep in mind also that each a coffee has a different optimal brewing parameter. So that repeated experimentation is required to obtain optimum results from this french press. Even so french press makes your coffee strongly scented and of course fun.

To obtain a maximum coffee taste from this French Press, keep in mind that mixing between a coffee and water occurs when coffee grounds fully submerged in the water that does not flow. Therefore, the factors to consider in brew a coffee is the size of a coffee ground, water temperature and soaking time. In general, the size of a coffee bean ground used for this tool is a rough level. While, for the water temperature and soaking time, there are outstanding standard a coffee powder to soak for 4 minutes with a water temperature of 85-92 Celsius. But, of course, since ultimately the enjoyment a coffee is determined by the drinker, no method of manufacture that is both raw and rigid.

The history of french press

In ancient times, there was an old man who lived in Provence. The old man always walked up the hill every day, to avoid his wife were chatty, with a carrying amount of food, wood, and a pot of coffee.

One day, when he was making a coffee, the old man forgot to put coffee grounds into the coffee pot, and he realized when the water begins to boil. In that instant, he immediately lifted the pot from the heat and add coffee grounds. He did not know, that this method will make the coffee powder floating on top of the pot. Of course, finally he was not drinking the coffee.

Suddenly appears a trader, and one of the items he was carrying was a metal plate. The old man then buys from the traders and inserting that metal plate into the coffee pot. With the help of a small stick, he pushed the metal plate to the bottom of the pot. And it turns out, the coffee taste so very good. Both then opened a coffee pot factory.

That is the legend of cafetiere or French press, one of the tools to brew a coffee that we are familiar until now. But the history has another story. This Cafetiere patented by two French, Mayer and Delforge, in 1852. Their design is very simple, but it is not in perfect shape yet.

French press coffee instructions

Then in 1929, there was an Italian named Attilio Calimani that enhance this French press, and then be further refined again by another Italian, Bruno Cassol, in 1935. In 1958, appeared another Italian, Faliero Bondanini who patented this cafetiere become more perfect and known by the name "Chambord". This tool became popular in Paris, and in the early 60s nearly all houses in Paris have this tool.

French press coffee instructions

Then how to use a french press coffee instructions in the right way so that the coffee produced accordance with the expectations? Here we describe the steps so you produce a coffee with the french press in a correct way.

Use good and clean water.Coffee contains 98% H2O, therefore good coffee should derived from a good water too. Make sure you use the water that is not contaminated by other substances and taste. The water container must completely clean so that no trace of other beverages taste or aroma sticking over there. It would be nice to try the water  first that will you use to make a coffee. If the taste of the water is fine according to you, means it is also fine to brew a coffee.

Use freshly new coffee beans.Use a coffee that had been stored for a long time will not give you the same pleasure as freshly roasted coffee beans. If you use a coffee that had been stored for a long time and  left the packaging opened does not have the similar aroma and taste as the coffee that sealed in the package. The fresh and new coffee beans  have a strong scent and look a little oily. And that is the good coffee supposed to be.

Grind the coffee beans just before brewed.For the best results, just use freshly ground coffee, not the coffee powder that already ground a few days ago. Grind the coffee just before brewed for the best taste and aroma that you will enjoy in the final result later. Ensure the coffee powder that is produced is not too smooth because it could clog up the french press filter. Medium is the right choice.

French press coffee instructions

Do not follow french press standard measurement.Your Coffee is your personal taste. So if you want to enjoy coffee according to your personal taste, measuring the dose of coffee and water on your own. Usually, 18-20 grams of the coffee for 8 ounces of water is the best dose for beginners. If you want a stronger taste maybe you can add coffee or subtract water.Just experiment with taste. Do not let the guide books dictate you. Define your own coffee taste.

Use the right water temperature for the water.Too hot water will make a bitter taste of the coffee that is not supposed to be. While the less hot water will not issue the desired taste of delicious coffee. Therefore, usually 94 degrees Celsius is the best temperature for french press. But if you do not want to bother using a thermometer, heat the water to the boil and leave it for 30 seconds before use. Then the you will get the right temperature.

Brew your coffee.Insert the coffee grounds to the bottom of the french press and pour one-third water on it. Steep the coffee and water for 30 seconds and then stir gently. Ensure the coffee and water 'cooked' perfectly so that you get the pleasure you want. After that, pour the remaining water and let the brewing process begins.

The time affects the taste.Too short Brewing process  will make your coffee taste becomes sour and thin. If the brewing process lasts too long, your will end up bitter coffee. For best results, Steep the coffee in the french press for 4 minutes before your enjoy.

Be careful on the press.After the brewing process is complete, press the plunger firmly, slowly and carefully. Pressing too hard will cause the coffee to spray out and make everything so messy. Caution is needed in this process.

Enjoy your coffee.Once everything is complete, pour the coffee into your coffee cup and enjoy it. But remember, if you do not want to finish your coffee once in a french press, do not let the rest silenced in the French press. Pour the remaining coffee into another container. Because the coffee that is too long silenced in the French press will give the unwanted bitter taste.

French press coffee instructions are the best method and economical way to make delicious coffee, aromatic, and easy to use brewing tool.

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