Ascaso Espresso Machine

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Ascaso Espresso Machine
For more than 40 years on the planet of espresso, Ascaso amended to determine not solely a reputation on high quality, which by no means occurs with the Ascaso Espresso Machine producers in Spain, but in addition the reputation in constructing world-class leadership in manufacturing espresso machines.

History of Ascaso Espresso Machine

Ascaso Espresso Machine

Jesús Ascaso, the founding father of Ascaso Espresso Machine at the moment, was born in a humble mountain city in the north of Spain. He is a person with an entrepreneurial spirit which embody integrity and good previous trend arduous work. Because the city was offered very little probability, Jesús went to Barcelona with the equivalent of $ 30 in his pocket and a head full of ideas.

Within the 50s, espresso began to change into popular in Spain, and in Barcelona, ??the recognition of espresso inflicting rising industry. In 1950, Jesús Ascaso started working for an espresso machine spare parts supplier. Its essential process is a part of chrome-plating.Jesús labored on the Gaggia manufacturing line making espresso components of shopper espresso machines all through the world Between 1952-1962. In 1962, Jesús open their own espresso machine spare parts provide company in Barcelona, ??Spain. Today, Ascaso promotes spare parts in more than 50 international locations worldwide.

Ascaso Espresso Machine

José Luis Ascaso, son Jesús, has grown to be the present chief in the diversification Ascaso within the last 10 years. He created Ascaso Espresso Machine manufacturing facility to unify information of the components and design espresso and espresso culture. "For the espresso lovers" was born.

Right now, Jesús Ascaso labored on the manufacturing facility is round 18 hours per day for six months a year. For the remainder of the year, he lived in the city he left over 50 years ago - taking good care of his tomatoes and honey.This is the end about Ascaso Espresso Machine.

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